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Kenya National Parks and Game Reserves

Aberdares National Park | Amboseli National Park | Buffalo Springs and Shaba Reserves | Tsavo East National Park | Tsavo West National Park | Chyulu Hills National Park | Nairobi National Park | Lake Nakuru National Park | Mount Kenya National Park | Masai Mara National Reserve | Samburu National Reserve

Aberdares National Park, Kenya:
Aberdares National Park – The forest in renowned for their botanical riches and torrential rainfalls plunging from cloud shrouded heights to spray filled ravines. These park is rich in wildlife the – elephants roam the clouded hills, the rare bongo, reedbuck and be sure to encounter a leopard. Several bird species are also found here more about Aberdares National Park
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Amboseli National Park, Kenya:
Amboseli National Park [3,810 sq km, 1,259 sq miles] – located in the southern region., the landscape is everywhere dominated by the glistening majestic snow capped Mt. Kilimanjaro [Africa’s highest mountain [5,894m – 19,340ft]. The park is famous for its scenic beauty and the big game – elephants, lions, cheetahs, Masai giraffes and the buffalos are the main attractions. Bird life is equally abundant especially in the vicinity of the Lakes and swamps. 98% of Kilimanjaro pictures are taken from Amboseli

 ... read more about Amboseli National Park
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Buffalo Springs and Shaba National Reserves, Kenya:
Buffalo Springs and Shaba National Reserve – is enriched with extraordinary wildlife home to elephants, lions, cheetahs, grevy’s, zebras, giraffe, gerenuks, and waterbucks. This was also where the renowned Born Free author Joy Adamson spent her final years. The park was put on the world map when it served as the location of the 'Survivor Series' in 2000, making it the first African destination to be featured on Survivor. Shaba is a semi desert game reserve with a rugged hilly terrain, with great rocky kopjes and lots of springs supporting the abundant wildlife. The landscape is similar to nearby Samburu with riverine forests, acacias and palms

... read more about the Buffalo Springs and Shaba National Reserves

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Tsavo East National Park, Kenya
Tsavo East National Park is one of Kenya's oldest and largest parks: covering about 40 per cent of the total area of all national parks. Its beautiful landscape and proximity to the Coast make it a popular safari destination. Tsavo East National Park is one of the world's leading biodiversity strongholds, with bushy grassland and open plains alternating with savannah and semi-arid acacia scrub and woodlands

... read more about Tsavo East National Park
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Tsavo West National Park, Kenya
Tsavo West National Park offers tremendous views with diverse habitats ranging from mountains, river forest, plains, lakes and wooded grassland. Game include: cheetah, leopard, buffalo, rhino, elephant, giraffe, zebra, lion, plains game, crocodile and small mammals including mongoose, hyrax, dik dik and the nocturnal porcupine. Mzima springs is a star attraction, a pool of natural spring water with underwater viewing hides for observing hippos. Chyulu Hills National Park is an extension of Tsavo West National Park

... read more about Tsavo West National Park
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Taita Hills Game Sanctuary

Taita Hills Game Sanctuary borders Tsavo West National Park. The sanctuary shelters many animals because there is plenty of water. Large herds of elephants and other plains game migrate to the sanctuary from Tsavo each year.

On the plains below the hills the Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary has been established and is home to elephant, lion, oryx, lesser kudu and a wide variety of smaller animals. Taita Hills Game Sanctuary borders Tsavo West National Park and provides shelter to many animals because there is plenty of water. Large herds of elephants and other plains game migrate to the sanctuary from Tsavo each year

... read more about the Taita hills Game Sanctuary
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Chyulu Hills National Park, Kenya
Sprawled over the youngest mountain range in the world, the Chyulu Hills National Park combines breathtaking volcanic scenery with rich wildlife. Extensive forests cover conical mountains, creating thrilling caves for underground exploration. The snow-covered peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro are clearly visible from the crest of the Chyulu Hills, rising in the distance beyond spectacular views over rolling plains of fertile volcanic soil. A subterranean river pushes above ground in fresh water springs on the surrounding plains ... read more about Chyulu Hills National Park

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Nairobi National Park, Kenya:
Nairobi National Park (Kenya) is unique by being the only protected area in the world with a variety of animals and birds close to a capital city. Nairobi National Park is a principal attraction for visitors to Nairobi. The park has a diversity of environments with characteristic fauna and flora. Open grass plains with scattered acacia bush are predominant. The western side has a highland dry forest and a permanent river with a riverine forest in the south.

In addition, there are stretches of broken bush country and deep, rocky valleys and gorges with scrub and long grass. Man-made dams also attract water dependent herbivores during the dry season ... read more about Nairobi National Park

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Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya:
Lake Nakuru National Park - a shallow alkaline lake located in the Great Rift Valley and famous for its vast concentration of more than a million flamingos and commonly described as a birds spectacle in the world. Pelicans, storks and numerous other species of birds are found here. The Lake hosts the Rothschild’s giraffes, and is a rhino’s sanctuary; the Rhino white usually found on the southeast side of the Lake while the black is commonly seen in the grassland in the south. The Baboon Cliff gives an impressive full view of the Lake

... read more about Lake Nakuru National Park
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Mount Kenya National Park, Kenya:
The Mount Kenya National Park covers an area of 588 Sq Km, the park boundary being the 3364m contours. The high altitude forest merges into the bamboo zone & this in turn changes into hypericum scrub before the moorlands are reached. The park is dominated by Tree Lodges that are situated close to salt licks found around the lodge. Easily seen forms of wildlife include: Elephant, Black Rhinoceros, Buffalo, Bush Buck, Red Duiker to mention but a few. Birds abound in the vicinity such as Green Ibis, Hawk Eagle, Scaly Francolin and Ruppell’s Robin Chat among other species

...  read more about Mount Kenya National Park
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Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya
Masai Mara is world’s famous the annual migration [in July and august] when millions of wildebeest  gather to start their journey crossing Mara River in the east of the reserve. [The movement is now recognized as the 7th world wonder]; There are hippo pools along the Mara river which flows through the reserve from north to south, where predators – hippos and the crocodiles are seen lazing by the water sides. Everything in the Mara is breath taking; a panorama of vast rolling plains and rounded hills, Mara possesses the largest population of black manned lions and boasts large herds of Topi and a small population of Roan Antelope. Elephants are common. Masai Mara has migratory and non-migratory animals and one is guaranteed of full game viewing

... read more about the Masai Mara National Reserve
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Samburu National Reserve, Kenya
Samburu National Reserve is very peaceful and attracts animals because of Uaso Nyiro River that runs through it and the mixture of acacia, riverine forest, thorn trees and grassland vegetation. The Uaso Nyiro flows from the Kenyan highlands and empties into the famous Lorian Swamp. The natural serenity that is evident here is due to its distance from industries and the inaccessibility of the reserve for many years. There is a wide variety of animal and bird life seen at Samburu National Reserve. Several species are considered unique to the region, including its unique dry-country animal life: All three big cats can be found here, as well as elephant, buffalo and hippo. The Grevy’s Zebra, Beisa Oryx, Reticulated Giraffe, Somali Ostrich are unique to this reserve ... read more about Samburu National Reserve

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